Current Members

ARCS Tampa Bay Received our Chapter certification in February 2010.  In appreciation of the dedication of this group of women who understood the need to bring this valuable program to Tampa Bay we are please to include all members that have been involved in our organization.

Lori Adornato, Ph.D. Dr. Janet Alexander Ximena Avila Rebecca Bales
Carole Ballew Enid Barness, M.D. Susan A Betzer, Ph.D, M.D. Laura Blackwell
Rosemary Di Dio Brehm Mya Breitbert, Ph.D.* Celene Brink Heather Broadbent
Susan Boles Burham Heidi Bushko Michelle Cardenas Susan Churuti, Esq.
Tonya Clayton Paula Coble Rhodes, Ph.D. Joyce Cotton Diana Craig
Debra Curtiss Janet Dickinson, CPA Jackie Dixon Deborah Duffey
Andrea Falvey Jane Fanning Roberta Ferandez Judy Genshaft, Ph.D.
Marleen Geyen Julie Gillespie Vicki Griffin Michelle Griffith
Pam Hallock-Muller, Ph.D.* Dr. Cynthis Heil Susan Hough Henry, Ph.D. Sharon Hewitt
Noreen Hodges Mary Ellen Hogan, Esq. Karen Holbrook, Ph.D. Kris Holtman
Taira Hopkins Betty Hughes, DDS Susan Jacobs Melanie Jantschek
Pat Johnson, CFP® , ChFC® Donna Killoren Lee Kruger Karen Krymski
May Lallucci Sandra Leanes Helen Levine, Ph.D.

Karen Liller, Ph.D.

Dr. Linda McClintock Karen Mertes Kelly Miller Casey Minton
Nicole Nate, Esq. Jo Ann Nestor Dr. Belinda Noah Ginny Olson
Judith Owen Andrea Penton Debbie Read Kelly Ritrievi
LaVonna Roth Penelope Salmons Marie Sanders Linda Seefeldt
Kathleen Simon Elaine Bispo Smalling Karen A Steldinger, Ph.D Aelon Suskey
Shari Taber Strawn Toler, Ph.D. Sara Tolliver, Esq. Sherrill Tomasino
Katee Tully Libby Tyner Lt. Col. Jennifer Upton Denise Walthers
Lori Whitman Lee Williams Lana Yarymovych Carolyn Zinober
* ARCS Scholar Alum      


Melissa Price – Cancer Biology

"I have just completed the Eukaryotic Gene Expression Course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and I would like to thank you for allowing me to have this amazing experience.....This course has provided useful knowledge that I will continue to use to search for a cure for cancer.

Melissa Price receives the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award

Melissa Price (ARCS Scholar Tampa Bay), a USF cancer cell biology graduate student and member of Dr. Alvaro Monteiro’s lab at Moffitt, has been awarded the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award for Individual Predoctoral Fellows. This National Institutes of Health award is considered one of the most competitive predoctoral fellowships available. (September 2012).

Pam Hallock Muller - Mentor of the Year

Congratulations to Dr. Pamela Hallock Muller, professor in the College of Marine Science, on her selection as the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Minority PhD Program’s Mentor of the Year during the Compact for Faculty Diversity/Institute on Teaching and Mentoring Conference held October 25-28, in Tampa, FL.  Dr. Hallock Muller is the director of the Coral Reef Indicators Lab and was nominated by Michael Martinez-Colón, a doctoral student in her research group.
Each year, only one faculty advisor from Sloan programs throughout the nation is selected for “demonstrated excellence in mentoring, contributions to increasing diversity and meeting other goals of the Compact’s Mission”.  

Dr. Hallock Muller is a Founding Member of ARCS Foundation Tampa Bay and is an ARCS Scholar (Hawaii).